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Aussie Farmer

Why Choose Sweetacres Digital?


Firstly why the name? As you may recognise the name from the famous Minties and sweets heritage, our family are direct descendants of James Stedman the founder of Sweetacres and Minties. Whilst we have moved from 20th Century to the 21st century where the digital world is now pervasive and part of our lives we have moved with the times. Our experience in manufacturing, hospitality, retail, advertising and Online services means we are not just skilled in the digital world but experienced in the hard knocks of business life. 


So we believe at Sweetacres that being part of the digital world is not just about a presence with meaningless messages but must be part of a business strategy. That strategy must lead to bottom line success and profits. We have combined the imagery of sweetness and acres or farm to represent business life. A business must have success and that success must taste so sweet. Secondly we consider any business be it a farm a shop literally any business, all the elements of that business are like a farm that needs nurturing, constant maintenance, diagnosis, protection against the elements and attention to detail.  Every farmer can tell you what a struggle the land can be and how there can either be a feast or famine. Whilst the landscape is different for every business the challenges and the success or failure of a business is often because of a lack of planning and strategy. Whist you can't plan for everything you can plan to succeed.


At Sweetacres Consulting, our mission is to help businesses succeed in their digital marketing efforts. We provide business planning, overall strategy and ensure there are cohesive elements across the board. We believe that the design of your social media campaigns must be a function of a cohesive business strategy, properly contextualized and constructed. Allow us to take your social media marketing to the next level!


We offer a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, from web development, SEO, Google and Facebook advertising, Instagram management, copywriting, content management systems, custom ecommerce solutions, and even eftpos integration. Our team of experienced professionals have the expertise and knowledge to help you maximize your digital presence.


We are committed to ensuring your business experiences success that has never tasted so sweet.

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